New building

//New building

New building

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Building view

Building’s view at streets’ intersection

Notwithstanding the rainy weather, the work of digging the foundations of the new building is fully ongoing with 2 shifts daily, operating the heavy machinery and the trucks to remove from the premises the excavated material.     

The posted sign  on the property site shows the architectural view of the new building, as planned. It is going to be an L-shaped structure at the intersection of two major streets, with underground floors for garages, and nine floors above ground.

On top of the ground floor to be used for commercial purposes, the entire first floor is planned to house the headquarters of the Ivanaj Foundations.   The dwellings on the upper floors will be accessed from the inside corner of the building, which will have its own courtyard of greenery, and will be serviced by three large elevators, while the Foundations’ floor will have its own separate entrance and elevator.    


Posted construction sign

Additional postings will follow on this blog and our website ( with more details, as they are planned.