A new beginning

//A new beginning

A new beginning

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First blog postThis is not our first blog. With this entry we are opening a new version of the Ivanaj Foundations’ blog, which is now incorporated into our brand new website, recreated with a different and more user friendly software.

Our old entries that were posted in the past on Posterous.com, are no longer available online in their original form because that server officially closed its facility in June 2013. We can and will, however, eventually repost some material from the past since we believe that it will continue to be of interest to our readers and fans.

This, of course, will be done in addition to other postings that on a regular basis will cover all sorts of news relating to our work, plans, projects, progress in the accomplishment of our goals and other subjects of interest about the Albanian communities in general.

Thus, please stay tuned by subscribing and keep in touch.  Do peruse the extensive online material of this website of ours that will be growing as we go forward. Let us know your reactions, suggestions, or provide your own input in conformance to our mission.  We are after all, an ‘open door’ organization that also welcomes all sorts of help, support, and input from our audience as described in the appropriate section of our website.

Welcome aboard our train that is travelling forward to develop  more dynamic opportunities  in the field of Albanian culture and education!

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